• "My works search for connecting threads between our inner emotions and the environment in which we live. I combine invisible emotional and physical experiences with visually recognizable shapes of plant life and human anatomy to create new plants, organisms and shapes that express ideas that cannot be written or spoken. With the sensitive application of tactile materials, and experimentation with historical techniques I endeavor to express a new human physical awareness as well as sexuality, femininity, social harmony and domesticity in my work."

    Ema Shin is a Melbourne based artist who was born and grew up in Niigata Japan. She studied traditional and contemporary Japanese printmaking at Tama Art University in Tokyo and completed a Master of Fine Art Degree at Aichi Prefectural Art University in Nagoya. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan, Korea, Australia and numerous other countries. Shin works with several different techniques and mediums such as Japanese woodblock printing, papier-mâché, embroidery, tapestry weaving, book making, Urauchi (chine-colle) and college. She aims to create artwork that displays a sensitivity for tactile materials, historical techniques, and a physical awareness as well as express femininity, sexuality and domesticity.
    From 2005 to 2007 Shin participated in an Artist-in-residency programs and community projects in Japan, Mexico, Spain and Kenya called “JANA, LEO, KESHO” organized by the NPO group PIAJI (El Grupo de Promocion de Intercambio entre Japon e Ibero America). Shin first came to Australia in 2010 on an Overseas Research Grant from the Pola Art Foundation, Japan after which she based her art practice in Melbourne. In 2012 Shin was an invited artist-in-residence at Australian Tapestry Workshop during which time she started to include tapestry weaving in her multi disciplinary practice.

    Curriculum Vitae
    Born and grew up in Niigata, Japan
    2009 Moved to Melbourne, Australia
    2003 Graduate Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
    2005 Completed Master of Fine Art Degree, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, Aichi, Japan
    Solo Exhibition
    2017 “Conceived Ground” Foyer Gallery, School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
    2013 "My Garden/Little Window of Opportunity" Port Jackson Press, Melbourne, Australia
    2013 "Ema Shin-Solo Exhibition" Frisian Graphic Arts Museum, Joure, Netherlands
    2013 “Ema Shin, A Collection of New Works” Qdos Arts, Lorne, Australia
    2012 "Love Garden" Gallery ACS, Nagoya, Japan
    2012 "My Garden" Japan information & Cultural Centre, Consulate-General of Japan, Melbourne, Australia
    2010 "My Garden" Gallery ACS, Nagoya, Japan
    2006 "Origin" Gallery Kaede, Niigata, Japan
    2005 "Origin" Alternative Space Crack, Seoul, Korea
    2005 "Origin" Meihoudou Blanc, Nagoya, Japan
    2004 "Solo exhibition, Ema Shin" Gallery APA F2, Nagoya, Japan
    Selected Group Exhibitions
    2018 “Conspicuous Presence” Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, Australia
    2017 “Open House” 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial, Tamworth Regional Gallery, Australia
    2017 “Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries” Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
    2017 “3 Global Print 2017 – International Printmaking Biennial Exhibition” Douro, Portugal
    2017 “Victorian Craft Award 2017” Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
    2017 “Selvedge” VMFF, Space at Collins, Melbourne, Australia.
    2017 “Body and Cloth: Performing Textiles” Asia TOPA, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia.
    2016 “7th International Artist’s Book Triennial in the Vilnius Book Fair” Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius
    2015 “Error” 7th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius, Lithuania.
    2015 “Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries & Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award” Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia. (2013)
    2014 "Cutting Edge" Eastbank Foyer, Shepparton, Australia
    2014 “Tabi Wo Yomu–Artist Book” Akiba Tamabi 21, Tokyo, Japan
    2014 "Organic Intimacy" Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne; Ararat Regional Art Gallery Town Hall, Ararat, Australia
    2014 "Fertile Ground " Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
    2013 "Beyond Words–Artists and Translation" Amelie Gallery, Beijing, China; Wharepuke, Kerikeri, New Zealand (2014)
    2013 "Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries" Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
    2013 4 persons exhibition “Soshun no Kosai” Pola Museum Annex, Ginza, Tokyo
    2012 6th International Artist’s Book Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania; Leipzig, Germany
    2011 “The Butterfly Effect” Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Melbourne Australia
    2009 “3 persons Exhibition” Gallery APA F2, Nagoya, Japan
    2008 "Japan Print Show" Northern Print Studio Gallery, Newcastle, England
    2008 "LUDIBE arte contemporaneo" Yecla, Spain
    2007 "Jana Leo Kesho" PIAJI Artist in Residence, RaMoMa Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya
    2007 13th Sumio Kawakami Woodcut Grand Prix Competition, Museum Sumio Kawakami, Japan
    2006 5th Hidatakayama Contemporary Woodcut Biennial, Hidatakayama, Japan
    2006 "Make Yourself at Home" Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, England
    2005 "Grabando" PIAJI Artist in Residence, Museo de los Pintores Oaxacaquenos, Mexico
    2005 "Independent-Image and Form 2005" Aichi Museum Gallery G1,2 ,Nagoya, Japan
    2005 3rd Yamamoto Kanae Woodcut Grand Prix Competion, Ueda, Japan
    2005 13th International Print Biennial Varna, Grafic Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria (14th)
    2005 "Manga trifft Hanga"Museum im Grunen Haus, Austria
    Artist in Residencies & Grants
    2017 “Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries” First Prize, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
    2017 Artist in Residence, Textile Department, Australian National University, Canberra School of Art, Canberra, Australia
    2012 Artist in Residence, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
    2010 The Researcher Overseas Grant, Pola Art Foundation Japan, Melbourne, Australia
    2009 Artist in Residence, Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
    2009 "European Capital of Culture, “International Artist’s Book Workshop” Vilnius, Lithuania
    2007 "Jana Leo Kesho""Yesterday Today Tomorrow" Kuona Trust Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya
    2006 "Mar a Tres Riveras""On Three Sides of an Ocean" Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain
    2005 "Grabando""Print" Juan Alcazar Studio, Rufino Tamayo Print Studio, Oaxaca, Mexico
    2005 "Quitate los Zapatos, Kutsu O Nuide" Take off Your Shoes" Nagoya Art University, Printmaking Studios, Nagoya, Japan
    Public Collections
    Machida City Museum of Garaphic Arts, Machida, Tokyo.
    Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain.
    Bluestone Collection, Melbourne, Australia.
    Kuona Trust Workshop (Nairobi, Kenya 2007)
    Australian Print Workshop (Melbourne, Australia 2010)
    Australian Tapestry Workshop (Melbourne, Australia 2012, 2013)
    Shepparton Art Museum (Shepparton, Australia 2013)
    Textile Workshop, School of Art & Design, Australian National University (Canberra, Australia 2017)